Blythechatter is a cunt. She’s not even part of the community, but she lingers here for the drama and the hate. One look at her blog will tell you how much of a hateful and ill mannered person she is. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sent in a handful of hate confessions because her whole blog is…

You sound pretty hateful yourself. And you should ask yourself this: Why would BlytheChatter need to send in anything to an anonymous tumblr when they have their own anonymous tumblr? At least they are willing to to say - I might be anonymous but yes I wrote this one and its mine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but yours makes you a hypocrite. 


mizzmoxie asked:

Sorry that was AWFUL! I kept trying to hit 'ask' but Tumblr was saying I couldn't include links. Hope all the messages turn out ok. One last thing: I know I did the wrong thing with Jess. I feel awful. Truly I do. That poor woman. But it might help her too if you don't put her full name in your blog. People can search what happened and it was so hurtful. Feel free to bash me! Just not her.

blythechatter answered:

If Jess wants me to remove her name, she can ask me herself.

I’ve been reading all of this from afar. And haven’t really wanted to get involved but let me say that using my name in conjunction with what happened is fine. Blythe Chatter and I have no problems with one another. They know how I feel about their tumblr and seem okay with my opinion of that. They know I don’t agree with everything they say but that I know they have the right to say it. It’s okay to use my name. No one is bashing me in anyway. 

But please Jo, stop saying you apologized to me. You apologized for taking so long to message me. Not for what you did. You never explained to me why you did it or your motivation to do so. Which is what I was owed, at minimum. You never apologized to people on my friends list, that you took the liberty of personally alerting to my wrong doings. Of which, were all false. You hurt someone I consider a friend because she had no idea the Blythe Chatter tumblr existed or that BC had mentioned her. You apologized publicly for, in your words, “being a douchebag.” That’s like putting a band-aid on a bombing victim. I don’t feel that you are actually remorseful and suddenly trying to protect me is not an act of contrition. I think you were sorry you got called out by many people for falsifying information. Also, you owe the dozens of people who spent the night clearing my name and calming me down an apology. And you owe BC an apology for trying to hack their account and falsifying their identity. And by apology, I mean the truth. Not “I’m sorry.” That’s just words and air. I want to know why. That is an apology.